Professional LED lighting for Horticulture.

Umola sp.z o.o. is an innovative company specializing in the design and production of lighting systems dedicated to greenhouse crops and vertical farms, with particular emphasis on individual customer needs due to the type and specificity of the agribusiness conducted.

The company aims to gain a high position in the field of lighting based on advanced LED technology dedicated to supporting the generative and vegetative cycles of plant development.

UMOLA is a comprehensive initiative - starting from the project dedicated to individual needs, through the development of a comprehensive lighting system, the production of dedicated LED modules, and ending with the implementation of the entire system in the customer's infrastructure.

In order to ensure the highest quality of production and measurement processes of our devices, the company has established close and fruitful cooperation with a renowned LED lighting manufacturing company - GOMAR PLUS.

UMOLA and GOMAR PLUS constitute a kind of consortium of companies that carry out sales and development of lighting projects dedicated to large greenhouse facilities.



Greenhouse lightingLEDs for plants...

Why is light the most important environmental factor in plant growth? Plants use light rays as the main source of energy for their growth in the process of photosynthesis. The influence of light is also important for a number of other processes that take place throughout the plant's life cycle, from germination to vegetative development, during which shoot elongation and leaves are expanding through the generative development that affects flowering and fruiting up to the aging of plants.

The best growth results can be achieved by using plant growth acceleration lamps (LED greenhouse lamps), which cause a significant and faster crop growth compared to the use of traditional high pressure sodium lamps.

By using high-quality LED lamps, we have a guarantee to achieve maximum harvesting results.

pomidor i ogórek
pomidor i ogórek

UMOLA horticulture LED lighting means:

  • high yield and quality of crops
  • low energy costs
  • reduced emission of unfavorable radiant heat
  • extended lifetime of devices
  • high efficiency of LED modules
  • active or/and passive cooling
  • the possibility of selecting the light spectra
  • easy, simple installation
  • made in Poland
60 %


36 mths


>90 %

(50.000 hours)

0.98 cos φ

power factor


All our LED greenhouse lamps for lighting the cultivation maintain the required hermetic in the IP55 - IP65 protection class and are fully serviceable with a warranty of up to 5 years from the date of purchase.